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It is 75 cubits (39.3 m; 128.9 ft) long and of the same width and height as the shaft from which it originates, although its angle is slightly lower at 26°6′. Ludwig Borchardt suggested that the Subterranean Chamber was originally planned to be the burial place for pharaoh Khufu, but that it was abandoned during construction in favour of a chamber higher up in the pyramid. The western half of the room, apart from the ceiling, is unfinished, with trenches left behind by the quarry-men running east to west. The only access, through the Descending Passage, lies on the eastern end of the north wall.


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Relieving chambers

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Comparison of approximate profiles of the Great Pyramid of Giza with some notable pyramidal or near-pyramidal buildings. Dotted lines indicate original heights, where data is available. In its SVG file, hover over a pyramid to highlight and click for its article. In 987 AD, the Arab bibliographer Ibn al-Nadim relates a fantastical tale in his Al-Fihrist about a man who journeyed into the main chamber of a pyramid, which Bayard Dodge argues is the Great Pyramid. According to al-Nadim, the person in question saw a statue of a man holding a tablet and a woman holding a mirror.

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It is, however, still not a fully appreciated method due to larger margins or error, calibration uncertainties and the problem of inbuilt age in plant material, including wood. Furthermore, astronomical alignments have been suggested to coincide with the time of construction. Greaves, in 1646, reported the great difficulty of ascertaining a date for the pyramid’s construction based on the lacking and conflicting historic sources. Because of the aforementioned differences in spelling, he didn’t recognize Khufu on Manetho’s king list , hence he relied on Herodotus’ incorrect account.

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